Business Profile Questionnaire

In order to consider you as a candidate for a Tapout Fitness franchise or Area Developer opportunity, please provide us with the following information:

Part I Personal Data
Mr.   Mrs.   Ms  
What specific type of opportunity are you interested in?
Single-Unit Owner
Multi-Unit Owner
Area Developer
Preferred State Location
Enter preferred city(s) / metro area(s)
*Are you a US Citizen?
Yes   No
If no, please example your immigration status.
If no, are you interested in investor visa options?
Military Service?
Yes   No
If yes, you may qualify for VetFran or funding assistance.
What is your highest level of education (High School, University/ College Grad, Some College, BS, MBA etc. (if applicable)?
When would you like to start the business?
3-6 months
1-3 months
*How much in available liquid funds do you have to invest into your business (Liquid capital to invest)?
< $25,000
$200,000 - $300,000
$25,000 - $50,000
$300,000 - $400,000
$50,000 - $100,000
$400,000 - $500,000
$50,000 - $100,000
$150,000 - $200,000
Do you have recurring monthly income now?
Yes   No
What is your estimated net worth?

Financial Worksheet

Line Assets Amount
1. Liquid Capital (cash)
2. Stocks and Bonds
3. IRA - Pension
4. Value of Primary Residence
5. Value of Other Real Estate
6. Equity in Business Owned
7. Total Assets (Lines 1 - 6)
8. Balance of Primary Residence
9. Balance on Other Real Estate
10 Business Owned Liability
11. Other Liabilities
12. Total Liabilities (Lines 8 - 10)
13. Net Worth (Line 7 minus Line 12)
  Source of Income: (Annual)  
14. Salary - Self
15. Salary - Spouse
16. Income from Business Owned
17. Real Estate Income
18. Other Income
  Total Current Annual Income
Part I Personal Data (Continued)
Will you require assistance to source financing options?
Yes   No
Are you willing to use Use IRA/401K funds to purchase the business (min. $50K in IRA/401K) ?
Yes   No   May be  
How is your credit?
Excellent   Good   Fair   Poor  
Are there any issues or commitments that need to be addressed prior to you getting started?
Yes   No
If yes, please explain
Part II Business Experience
Present / Most Recent Position
Annual Earnings
Are you looking to Replace or Enhance your income?
Not sure yet
Previous Position
Do you own your own business now or in the past?
Have you managed employees?
If so, what kind and when?
If yes, how many employees have you managed at the same time?
Part III Business Operations
Are you planning to be Hands-on or a Passive Owner?
Hands-on    Semi-Passive    Absentee   
Do you plan to operate the business yourself?
Yes    With family    With partner(s)   
How many hours a week are you looking to work in this new business?
What is your motivation for looking into a new franchise / business opportunity. (security, tired of the corporate grind, family time, flexibility etc.) ?
Have you considered starting your own business from scratch or have you decided you are more interested in working within a franchise system?
Do you tend to be assertive or non-assertive in your undertakings?
Faster    Slower   
Would you characterize yourself as being extroverted or introverted?
Extroverted    Introverted   
Are you task oriented or people oriented?
Task    People    Both   
Part IV Industries / Categories
How long have you been looking into franchise opportunities?
Just Started
1-3 months
3-6 months
Have you worked with any business or franchise brokers? If so, please share their name(s) or company.
Are you presently looking into any other business or franchise opportunities?
Have you ever reviewed any Franchise Disclosure Documents (which brands) ?
True and Correct
It is understood that the purpose of this questionnaire is for information gathering only and is in no way binding upon the applicant, the franchise company, or its agents and representatives.

By selecting True and Correct, and submitting this questionnaire, you assert that the information contained is true and correct, and acknowledge that a Franchisor or business seller may reply on this information.
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