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Tapout Fitness – workout with your wife and kids!

Would you like to transform your body and life through fitness, and be able to include the whole family?

Unlike many fitness concepts that only offer a very limited, or even singular fitness platform, Tapout Fitness provides an all-in-one fitness center for the entire family, including MMA-inspired Tapout Martial Arts and the industry’s best merchandise.

Now, the kids can go to Martial Arts, while Dad does strength training and Mom enjoys a cardio workout – all while wearing cool Tapout gear!

Our wide variety of fitness platforms and flexible floor space allow Tapout Fitness to maximize revenue per square foot, while increasing customer retention and recurring revenue through family memberships.  Tapout Fitness includes the essential “building blocks” of any long-term fitness program, including strength and traditional cardio training, martial arts, and the latest, most innovative fitness programs to keep members excited and bring in new customers.

Tapout Fitness offers the rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor with a well known, powerful brand combined with the industry’s “best of the best” fitness platforms to offer a very attractive and convenient all-in-one family fitness experience!

Tapout Fitness offers single, multi-unit and Master franchise opportunities.


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SVP Development
Tapout Fitness
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