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There are a number of high qualify franchise opportunities that work within the field of Sports including:

Fitness Gym / Health Clubs
Kids Sports and Coaching
Vitamin and Nutrition Retail
Sports Themed Bars / Restaurants

A business franchise can be a very attractive prospect for the professional athlete that wants to have a successful future after playing. By making the decision to get involved with the right brand, there is the assurance that when the playing time is up, the financial rewards for your hard work will continue.

There are a lot of potential investments options for the forward-thinking athlete, all he/she needs to do is get advice from the right sources. These days, athletes can enjoy the benefits of being associated with of a national or international proven franchise system while leveraging their personal name recognition to make financial gains.

Whether you are a current athlete still producing income and want to explore options to prepare for your future or diversify your assets to include business ownership to build additional wealth and income; or whether you’re a former professional athlete or facing the end of your sports career – Franchise Group can provide the tools, resources and knowledge to help you discover the franchise opportunity that is the best fit for you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

• Franchising helps the athlete to have an assured source of income when the pay checks from the team stop coming. An athlete is not always going to be able to run as fast as he could when he started his career, and this natural human aspect of the game makes it very essential for the athlete to think about where the finances will come from. Franchising allows the athlete to become part of a system that will financially pay off (sometimes even more than when the athlete was playing). This makes the retirement process a lot easier on the player.

• Another reason why an athlete should consider joining a franchise is because it can bring multiple sources of income even before their career is over. While many athletes struggle financially a few years after they are done playing, there are other athletes that make a lot of money within franchising while they are still playing. By leveraging franchising, there is the opportunity to reap substantial financial reward from several businesses and the athlete no longer must rely solely on the team’s pay check.

• The right franchise can also help the athlete to become part of the business brand and identity. Getting involved with the right brand can help the athlete to remain timeless and provide a legacy for his family. Owning a chain of stores or businesses also signifies that it is not just about the game, and that there is a lot more out there than just playing week in week out. Many athletes have successfully created a brand reputation simply by engaging in the right franchises. Franchising goes beyond just making additional money for the pro athlete, it can also help the athlete create a brand name that will be remembered years after he is done playing.

Franchise ownership can be a natural lifetime progression for a professional athlete to extend his or her career well beyond the playing field.

To learn about franchise opportunities that are well-suited for professional athletes, please contact Drew at info@frangroup.com or 800-853-8808 or visit: www.masterfranchising.com/athletes