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Professional Athlete to Business Owner

Professional athletes and franchising enjoys a long and successful history. Many athletes have successfully transitioned from sports to business ownership after leaving the field by joining a different team – a franchise.

Franchise Group caters to professional athletes by providing exclusive VIP services and experienced, professional consultation to assist them in making a successful transition from sports to business ownership. We understand the unique needs of professional athletes and how franchising is exceptionally suited for their goals and abilities.

Professional Sports to Business Ownership – Successful Transition

At Franchise Group, we recognize that professional athletes are in a unique position with regards to producing income and building wealth – both during their athletic career as well as their post-sports career.

Unlike many, professional athletes typically enjoy very high income, but only for a short amount of time. For example, it is estimated that 60 percent of NBA players are bankrupt within five years after retiring, and 78 percent of NFL players are in financial trouble after only two years of leaving the sport.

The specific reasons may vary, but one of the common problems is that athletes spend a lifetime honing a very particular skill set in a specific sport, yet those skills do not always translate into a high paying corporate position when their athletic career ends prematurely due to age or injury. Unfortunately, many are left still needing income to maintain or improve lifestyle, and/or create a wealth preservation strategy to avoid living off of savings and diminishing their assets prematurely.

Franchising provides professional athletes with a very attractive alternative career option. Through years in sports, athletes have developed many of the skills and discipline to become successful franchise owners. For example:

  • Athletes have learned to follow a “playbook” – Franchising is a system, i.e. a proven ‘playbook’ that results in predictable, successful results when executed properly.
  • Athletes realize that “winning” requires hard work, discipline and commitment – Just like in sports, you did not wake up one day at the top of your game.  Franchising allows the former athlete to focus that same dedication and determination into a successful, lifelong career in business.
  • Athletes are “coachable” – Although they may be supremely talented, even top athletes recognize the need for coaching and ongoing training to continually improve their skills to go to the next level of success. Franchising provides a lifetime of training and support to deliver higher levels of success by adding additional franchise units and receiving the training (coaching) to constantly improve their personal skills and maximize performance.


Franchise Group specializes in providing exclusive VIP Services and highly experienced, professional franchise consulting to help the professional athlete discover franchise opportunities that are best suited for their personal financial goals and abilities.

We recognize that finding and opening your own business can be an intimidating process, especially when starting over after leaving a career dedicated to a very specific set of skills. Franchise Group is committed to helping current and former professional athletes gather the information, knowledge, tools and resources necessary to make a successful transition from athlete to business owner.

We take the time to get to know you, understand your income, wealth and lifestyle goals, and then guide you through a step-by-step learning process to ensure that you are well educated on what it takes to be successful and prepared to execute the franchisor’s “game plan??? to achieve your personal and professional goals.


Due to our extensive franchise industry experience and relationships, Franchise Group has secured exceptional franchise opportunities with various franchisors exclusively for our professional athlete clients. These unique opportunities are only available through Franchise Group and take into consideration the inherent benefits that a professional athlete/celebrity brings to the franchisor, including:

  • Endorsement opportunities
  • Partnering with day-to-day operators
  • Real estate ownership options
  • and more


Whether you are a current professional athlete still producing income and want to explore opportunities to prepare for your future or simply diversify your assets to include business ownership; or whether you’re a former athlete facing the end of your sports career – Franchise Group can provide the resources, knowledge and opportunities to help you discover the best franchise options to help you achieve your goals.

Contact us today to schedule a no obligation, no cost confidential consultation to discuss your goals and needs.


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