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Financing Options

Franchise Business Loans – Franchise Financing Options

For thousands of entrepreneurs every year, buying a franchise is the first step towards business ownership. Most people find the idea of being their own boss alluring and the success rate of franchising irresistible. But just like any new venture, franchising requires a capital investment. We help our clients pursue their goals and help make franchise ownership a reality with a number of financing options.

Unsecured Lines of Credit

Master Franchise Consulting provides, through its lending partners, unsecured lines of credit which can be utilized for any franchising purpose such as expansion, marketing, bridging cash flow, paying off business debts and so on. One of the advantages of this type of franchise funding is that the unsecured line of credit does not appear on the personal credit report of the business owners nor is it subjected to personal credit checks. The credit line is underwritten and funded based entirely on the borrower’s credit rating, stated income and business information.

Apart from traditional financing programs offered by commercial lenders, franchisees may also use their 401K retirement accounts to finance their franchise business. With the increasingly stringent and complex qualification process in the lending market, franchise funding from retirement accounts can speed up the process of obtaining working capital. In fact, funding from 401K retirement accounts often takes about three weeks to complete.

SBA 7 (a) Loans

Click Here to Learn More SBA 7(a) loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration (SBA) are one of the most popular loan programs for franchisees and other small businesses. It’s important to point out that the SBA doesn’t actually loan cash directly to business owners. Instead, it provides a guaranty to lenders which helps franchisees obtain the funding they need for start-up and even growth. To receive positive consideration for SBA loans, the franchisee is must be able to demonstrate creditworthiness and meet certain eligibility requirements.

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