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The Computer and IT industry is currently one of the fastest growing businesses globally. If you are looking to jumpstart your Computer or IT career and give your business an instant and product line, one the best options to do that is to obtain a Computer or IT franchise. Prices for Computer or IT franchises range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Monthly fees of a few hundred dollars or a share of the gross sales are part of some business models. Computer Franchise models range from retail locations in shopping malls to a cell-phone dispatched repair business that could operate as a home-based franchise or mobile franchise. The computer and IT franchisors offer a complete laundry list of benefits to help you brand your products or services. Having the support of a strong franchise brand to guide you through the pitfalls of running your own business can save you a lot more money in the end then trying to do this on your own by using the trial and error method. If you think a computer or IT franchise is right for you, ask your Master Franchising Team Member for options.

Within this franchise category there are many franchise opportunities including Geeks on Call, Nerds to Go, Computer Troubleshooters, Friendly Computers, CMIT Solutions, Computer Medics, Computer Renaissance, PC Kidz, Concerto Networks, Data Doctors and others.

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