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Brand Growth

Franchise Consulting – Franchise Development and Brand Growth

Many franchisors understand that franchise growth is the key to a successful brand.  However, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day operations of managing a franchise operation that the brand does not grow as efficiently or effectively as it could.

We have solved this type of dilemma for many franchisors with our step-by-step approach toward helping them grow and realize their development objectives.

Our consultants will review your franchise business model and help develop a customized marketing plan that includes specific goals for territorial growth. For instance, we have options that will enable you to sell out within a period of time or achieve rapid growth by creating area and regional developer investment opportunities with a master territory plan.

Master Territory Plan

Instead of opening franchise locations one unit at a time we can help you supercharge your growth potential without adding to your daily workload. With Master, Area or Regional franchise development option, we’ll sell those rights in pre-determined markets that enable investors to develop a certain number of locations in those areas. Franchisors start earning fees even before a unit is open while having a development schedule in place for the opening multiple locations. We can help you carve out territories and find qualified leads from investors that are interested in area or regional developer opportunities under territorial agreements.

Area Developers

The area developer option for investors working under a franchise agreement enables them to open a specified number of franchise units in the specified area they have purchased the rights to. This enhances brand awareness in a given locale very quickly. The area developer normally gets the right to open several pre-determined outlets within certain metro area. A schedule is provided on the number of units that will open within a specified period of time.

Regional Developers

The regional developer is another territory development option which is similar to that of the area developer except that areas they buy the rights to are usually larger regions. The regional developer can help open single or multi-unit opportunities to prospective franchisees in their region, and for doing so, collects a portion of the initial fees and on-going royalties paid to the company. This is one of the fastest ways to achieve brand growth in entire regions like a state or multiple state areas. Master Franchise Consulting is your key to wealth through exponential brand growth.  Contact us today and learn how we can help grow your franchise brand.